KG-STV is the work of JJ0OBZ, ( K.G. ) from Japan.

KG-STV is an experimental program for the transfer of images and text via radio.
It works much like Analogue SSTV in that it scans the image block by block, compresses and digitally encodes each block of 16 x 16 pixels and then transmits it. Picture size is 320 X 240 pixels for a total of 300 blocks. It takes approximately 2 minutes to transmit a picture.

Two types of modulation are used for transmission - MSK or 4LFSK which are variants of FSK modulation.

A received KG-STV transmission, is decoded and displayed, block by block until the entire 300 blocks are received. You will be able to see the picture as it is received. Missing blocks in the picture, are filled in by asking for a resend of the said missing blocks - BSR (Bad Segment Report).The transmitting station then sends a FIX - (Missing Blocks Only), which should fill in the picture.

You will need a Soundcard Interface to receive and transmit pictures using this program. SoundCard interfaces used for PSK, RTTY or SSTV will do just fine.

Note - This program is not compatible with the EasyPal Digital SSTV program.

This page displays the latest KG-STV SSTV images received by me on HF - 14.233 Mhz using the KG-STV software.

KG-STV can be downloaded  [ HERE ]

A setup and operation guide for KG-STV by M5AML can be found  [ HERE ]

A technical explanation of KG-STV can be found  [ HERE ]


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