How to get a Visitors Amateur Radio Licence

Send your licence application, together with the following items
Via Registered Mail or Courier

- Completed amateur radio application form - Must be signed by applicant
- Photocopy of your passport
- Application and licence fees
- Photocopy of your AMATEUR RADIO licence from your home country
- Intended date and duration of visit
- Intended place of your stay in Grenada
- Two passport size photographs
- Technical Specification of each piece of radio equipment you have/will come with

To the following address:

National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
P.O. Box 854
St. George's
Grenada, W.I.
Telephone :- (473)-435-6872 Fax :- (473)-435-2132


Scans of all documents except the APPLICATION FORM are acceptable and can be emailed to -
But we must receive from you (via courier, mail, hand delivered) a hard copy of the signed application form including the passport photos.

The Licence application form is available for download and printing.
Click Here to download the Licence Application form.

The appropriate application fee must be submitted together with the application, in the absence of the appropriate application fee the application would be considered incomplete and would not be processed until such fees are paid.

Preferred Methods of Payment are:
1. Local (Grenada) Personal Cheque. ( Cash no longer accepted )
2. Wire Transfer
3. Certified Cheque/ Bankers Draft
4. Foreign Cheque
5. International Money Order

The Bank in Grenada takes approximately six (6) weeks to process and give clearance for International Money Orders, Certified Cheques/Bankers Drafts and Foreign Cheques. As a result a receipt would not be issued until payment is received.
Payment must be in Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollars or its equivalent in US Currency.
If paying by Wire Transfer contact our office for the necessary Bank details.

Conversion Rates
The conversion rate for US to EC currency for International Money Orders, Foreign or Certified Cheques/Bankers Drafts and Wire Transfers is US$1.00 to EC$2.6882. The Conversion rate of US to EC currency for Cash is US$1.00 to EC$2.67.

Bank Charges
An additional amount of EC$5.10 or it's equivalent in U.S. Currency, must be included for Bank processing charges, if payment is made via International Money Order, Certified or Foreign Cheque.

ALL FEES must be submitted to the NTRC office.
Application fees must be made payable to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC).

Please be advised that NTRC would NOT be responsible for payment that did not arrive at its office.

Send your application well in advance of your intended date of arrival in Grenada.Two to three months should be adequate.
You will collect your licence at the NTRC office in Grand Anse after your arrival in Grenada upon payment of the applicable fees. It has to be signed by you and a copy will be kept on record.

The Application and Licence fees are EC $ 75.00 or approx. U.S. $ 30.00
(Application fee is EC $ 25.00 and Licence fee is EC $ 50.00)

You can request a J38 callsign which will be issued at the discretion of the NTRC, otherwise you will be issued with a J3/Homecall licence.

If you need any help with making an application for a visitors licence, Send me an e-mail - and I will assist you in any way that I can.

For more information about communications in general and amateur radio regulations in Grenada.

Click Here to visit the NTRC Website.

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